Letter from Jack Kehm

Thanks for stopping by!!

I am willing to bet you are here because you are faced with a situation that is requiring a hose assembly, or accessories. You need professional and expert advice. To paraphrase a famous American Icon, “this is the place”.

PPT, Inc.’s Hose Tech Division under promises, and over delivers time and time again. We do business in a very competitive marketplace where you, the prospective customer, has numerous choices where to buy industrial and hydraulic hose assemblies.

What separates us from our competitors is our desire to succeed where others fail. Marketing, and selling hose and accessories is not only our livelihood – it is our passion! Sales representatives for most industrial, or MRO supply companies end their sales pitch with “Oh, I can get hose too!” Hose and fittings are not an afterthought or add on item for us. Our primary focus is hose, which allows our staff to be the best in the business when recommending and quoting hose and accessories to you. You will always get name brands from the world’s top manufacturers. The rubber hose you purchase from us will have a recognizable manufacturer’s brand, as well as country of origin. We do not sell “mystery” or unbranded rubber hose that you may get from other distributor suppliers. We specify and sell you what you need for your application, not something that we “got on a deal!”

All orders are processed and shipped in accordance with your needs; not at our convenience. Our staff of professionals is here to help, and be of service to you. They bring order and direction to an otherwise chaotic hose and fitting application dilemma.

I know you can spend, or “vote” your dollars wherever you choose. I would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and to earn your “vote.”

Thanks and best regards,
Jack Kehm